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Free Tibet and the world’s oldest pro-Tibet group, the Tibet Society [1] have completed a merger in a move which will see both organisations combine their strengths in support of the Tibetan cause. 


The Chinese government must right the flagrant injustice against imprisoned Tibetan nomad and community leader A-Nya Sengdra [1] by overturning his conviction and seven year sentence at his retrial, tomorrow,Tuesday 16 June. [2]  


Media release: Wednesday 17 June, online briefing

Cancel China's Propaganda: Exploring the CCP’s attempt to gain global influence and why we must oppose it 


Influential Tibetan exiles see WeChat accounts blocked


Five UN experts [1] have called for China to drop charges against Tibetan nomad and environmental activist A-Nya Sendgra. [2]


London, UK: The Chinese government must right a flagrant injustice next week by granting a free and fair second trial for imprisoned Tibetan nomad and community leader A-Nya Sengdra [1] .


WHAT: On World Health Day, Tuesday 7 April 2020, a panel of Chinese, Tibetan, and Uyghur rights leaders  joined by Chinese-focused human rights experts will conduct an online media briefing on the People’s Republic of China’s escalating repressive


Hundreds of Tibetans and Tibet supporters in cities across the world will march on Tuesday 10 March to mark the anniversary of their national uprising and protest against the Chinese occupation of Tibet.


Free Tibet is calling for action on a growing climate crisis in Tibet and the Himalayas with the launch of a new campaign today.


A 24 year-old Tibetan man named Yonten has died after setting himself on fire in the first self-immolation protest in Tibet in 2019 (1). 

Yonten carried out his protest in Meruma Township, Ngaba County, eastern Tibet (2) at around 4pm (local time) on Tuesday, 26 November.


Satellite images acquired by Free Tibet verify that large-scale demolitions have levelled almost half of Yarchen Gar in Palyul County, eastern Tibet (1), one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist sites in the world.


Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch (1), has obtained background details of a video (2) released by official Chinese media on 22 September of Galden Jampaling Monastery  in Chamdo, central Tibet (3).


Druklo, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, Jigme Gyatso, Kunchok Tsephel and Tashi Rabten have been nominated for the prestigious annual award


Announcement follows a global outcry at the company’s controversial development of ‘Project Dragonfly’


Tibetan, Uyghur, Chinese and ethical consumer activists press Google for concrete commitments to adhere to strong human rights policies and prevent another ‘Project Dragonfly’ debacle


Two Tibetans were sentenced to prison in Sershul County in Kardze, eastern Tibet (1) on Wednesday 8 May. Their arrests and prison sentences resulted from a series of gatherings by locals in late April to mark the 30th birthday of the Panchen Lama (2).


A former Tibetan political detainee named Pema Wangchen passed away in a hospital in Chengdu at around 12:30pm Tibetan time on Friday 26 April 2019.


Forensic image of Tibetan leader held in Chinese captivity to be unveiled on BBC’s ‘The One Show’


To mark Internet Freedom Day, Tibetans, Tibet supporters and corporate campaigners gathered outside Google’s King’s Cross office in London this afternoon, calling on the company to scrap its controversial plans to develop a censored search engine in Ch


International coalition demands Google stand up for free speech and human rights on Internet Freedom Day