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A coalition of campaign groups opposed to the Chinese government’s human right atrocities have come together in London today to protest against Beijing being the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics.



  • Survation/Free Tibet poll finds that 75% back sanctions on Chinese Official Chen Quanguo

  • Chen is in charge of the region where the government has inflicted widespread human rights abuses against Uyghur people


Free Tibet, the London-based organisation which supports the Tibetan people’s struggle for freedom, expresses its support for the MPs sanctioned by the Chinese government today and calls for the UK government to expand its sanctions against Chinese officials to target those with real power.


Free Tibet, the London-based campaign organisation that supports the Tibetan people’s struggle for freedom from Chinese government oppression, has welcomed calls from the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) group of elected officials from across the world, to place sanctions on Che


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Three teenagers in Tibet have been arrested by Chinese-government police after failing to register a WeChat group with local authorities.


The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has announced plans for the ‘vocational training’ of an additional 700,000 rural farmers and nomads in occupied Tibet in 2021 (1).


Campaigners express concern for his safety and the five years deprivation of political rights that begins now


A 19-year-old monk named Tenzin Nyima died on 19 January 2021 due to injuries inflicted on him by police in prison. The information was passed on by a confidential network of contacts to Tibet Watch, Free Tibet’s research partner.


Free Tibet is disappointed to learn that the United Kingdom government’s new round of targeted human rights sanctions does not include senior Chinese official Chen Quanguo, who is responsible for wide-ranging and devastating atrocities in Tibet and the Uy


On Wednesday 25th November, Free Tibet, the World Uyghur Congress and the Tibet Community in Britain will announce the launch of their latest critical campaign, #BanChen, calling on the Foreign Secretary to ban human rights abuser, Chen Quanguo, from entering the


Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP led calls today for the UK Government to take a stronger stance on the Chinese Communist Party. The call came during a debate in response to recent findings that over half a million Tibetans had been forced from their lands into a labour transfer programme. [1][2]


A group of activists carried out a night time projection onto the Parliament building in London last night, broadcasting a video onto its side that called for the UK government to take action against China’s human rights abuses [1].


Activists in London are due to take part in a Global Day of Action on Thursday 1 October, aimed at resisting human rights abuses in China.


Free Tibet is disturbed by the latest, detailed evidence of an extensive forced labour programme in Tibet, designed to further rip apart the occupied country’s social fabric and way of life.


Chinese human rights abuses against Tibetans are being highlighted on billboards this month starting today in New York’s Times Square and London, with millions of people expected to see them. 


The Economist has quietly dropped propaganda advertorials paid for by the Chinese government after a successful campaign by Free Tibet and International Tibet Network.


The Economist and Apple were also targeted with messages calling on them to end their support and promotion of the Chinese Commmunist Party’s repression. 



Free Tibet and the world’s oldest pro-Tibet group, the Tibet Society [1] have completed a merger in a move which will see both organisations combine their strengths in support of the Tibetan cause.