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Tibetan prisoners being led away by police
Tibetan prisoners being led away by police

Tibetans take great risks to share information about protests inside Tibet and to send this information abroad. Many have been arrested and imprisoned after doing so, such as 40-year-old monk Yonten Gyatso.

China fears any information about the reality in Tibet reaching the outside world and strictly controls all communications. Complete telephone and internet blackouts are common following protests and around the time of sensitive anniversaries, such as Tibetan National Uprising Day.

Like diplomats and human rights observers, foreign journalists are rarely allowed entry into Tibet and, when they are, their visits are carefully stage-managed by officials. Reporters Without Borders ranked China 176 out of the 180 countries on its Press Freedom Index 2015.

The information Free Tibet publishes about events and protests in Tibet comes through our research partner, Tibet Watch, which obtains and verifies the latest news directly from Tibet in ways which protect and secure the safety of its sources.