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Lhasa, Tibet (credit: Pedro Saraiva)
Lhasa, Tibet (credit: Pedro Saraiva)
  • Tibetans face intense surveillance in their daily lives, with security cameras, police checkpoints and party officials monitoring their movements and activities.
  • Peaceful protests are suppressed with severe violence. Protesters are imprisoned, tortured and may even be shot.
  • China has repeatedly violated UN conventions through extensive use of torture against Tibetan political prisoners.
  • Prisons in Tibet are full of people detained for simply expressing their desire for freedom. They are arrested and convicted for peaceful acts, such as waving the Tibetan flag, calling for the return of the Dalai Lama and sending information about events in Tibet abroad. 
  • Many Tibetans are imprisoned on unclear or unspecified charges, their families not informed of their whereabouts. They are denied access to proper legal support and face trials that do not respect international standards of justice.
  • Tibetans charged with "separatism" (acts intended to divide or damage the Chinese state) can face sentences up to and including the death penalty.
  • Even children face abuses of their freedom and human rights.