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Another aspect of Tibet that we wanted to capture was to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 2008 Tibetan Uprising. The wave of protests that swept across Tibet that year and China’s brutal response remains one of the most important chapters in modern Tibetan history. The events of 2008 explain why China felt forced to turn Tibet into one of the most militarised and closed places in the world; how Tibetans channelled decades of discontent into a protest movement that took Beijing, and the world, by surprise; and how the legacy of the uprising has shaped life in Tibet today and continues to drive courageous and creative acts of resistance.

Weaving these strands into an accessible event that would appeal to new people as well as to our longstanding supporters would be a challenge. Fortunately, we have carried out enough events, be they in church halls or festival tents, to have a sense of what works. We could also count on the help of two exceptional individuals to help us bring Tibet’s history and culture to life.