Stop #ChinaSpam

Stop the China spam

Call on Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to stop his company supporting China's brutal occupation

31 July 2014. Twitter has now suspended all fake accounts and this action is closed. Read more about the campaign's success here.

Free Tibet has identified a web of more than 100 fake Twitter accounts being used to spread China's propaganda about Tibet. Tweets are circulated pretending to be from real people and include attacks on the Dalai Lama and news stories from Chinese state media portraying Tibet as a contented Chinese province.

Within 24 hours of Free Tibet contacting Twitter, a number of accounts were suspended but many remain and China is still able to use Twitter to tell lies about Tibet.

You can read more about them here.

Tibetans in Tibet are shut out from any internet outside China. They can face prison for any communication criticising China's rule.

Twitter must not take token action and then allow China to carry on regardless. Contact Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to demand immediate action on China's Tibet spam.

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