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With thanks to Pedro Saraiva:

  • child and soldier in Lhasa, Tibet
  • young Tibetan and prayer wheels
  • Tibet landscape
  • Tibetan praying in Lhasa

With thanks to Jim McGill:

  • horse and rider (2014 logo)
  • Tibetan children in a classroom

With thanks to Anthony Alvarez:

  • nomad and yak
  • nomads on a motorbike

With thanks to Tsering Woeser:

  • soldiers on a rooftop in Tibet

With thanks to Matt Ming, Flickr:

  • high mountain road

With thanks to Erik Törner, Flickr:

  • smiling nomad girl

With thanks to Tattered Passport:

  • Shane in Lhasa

With thanks to Prasad Kholkute, Flickr:

  • monk, umbrella and soldiers

With thanks to So_P, Flickr:

  • Tibetans posing for group photograph in Lhasa

With thanks to Filming for Tibet (still from Leaving Fear Behind):

  • hidden Dalai Lama images

With thanks to John Ackerly:

  • 1987 monk protest image

With thanks to Gill Penney:

  • nomad children in Gansu

With thanks to Magical World, Flickr:

  • slider image of prayer flags

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