Gangkye Drubpa Kyab

 A team of 20 police officers burst into Gangkye Drubpa Kyab’s home just before midnight on 15 February 2012 to arrest him.

The 33-year-old teacher and writer was taken away in front of his wife and child. In August 2013, he was sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment for alleged political activities.

He was held incommunicado for 18 months. His family had no contact or information about his location or wellbeing between the time of his arrest and his sentencing.

Popular Tibetan writer

Gangkye Drubpa Kyab had been a teacher in Serthar county, Sichuan Province for 10 years and is also a well-known and popular writer in Tibet.

His writings have titles such as ‘Call of Fate’, ‘Pain of This Era’ and ‘Today’s Tear of Pain’.

His arrest occurred less than three weeks after security forces opened fire on peaceful protesters in Serthar Town, killing two.

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