Unfinished Story

In the heart of Tibet lies Driru County. Since 2013 it has been the epicentre of Tibetan resistance to China's rule - and has suffered intense repression as a result.

Artist May Kindred-Boothby has worked with Free Tibet to create this original and evocative interpretation of the suffering and resilience of the people of Driru. Her figures illustrate Tibetan courage and their colours reflect those of Tibetan prayer flags and the Tibetan identity that China is trying to suppress.

The unfinished story of Driru is the story of Tibet - saying no to China for more than six decades, Tibetans will continue fighting for as long as they must.

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Unfinished Story

The heroes behind Driru’s Unfinished Story

Reporting on Driru County has been extremely difficult with residents demonstrating bravery and determination to pass on information, whatever the cost.

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What's happening in Driru?

Security forces in Driru, 2013

In May 2013, several thousand Tibetans in Driru staged a large protest against a new mining operation on the sacred Naglha Dzamba mountain. Their protest appeared successful and the project was halted.

Several months later, the area was flooded with Chinese officials imposing a “political re-education campaign”. When they tried to force Tibetans to fly the Chinese flag on their houses, villagers gathered the flags and threw them in the river, triggering a wave of repression and protest.

China's intense response

In October, police opened fire with live ammunition on a demonstration, causing severe injuries.

Residents have been given lengthy prison sentences; at least two local Tibetans have died in custody, apparently after being tortured, and monasteries have been closed down.

Tibet today

China invaded Tibet in 1950 and has used force to sustain its rule ever since. Tibetan language, traditions and culture are being erased and any resistance is punished. Tibet was recently described as "one of the most repressed and closed societies in the world".

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Download the report The new hub of Tibetan resistance (PDF) from our research partner Tibet Watch for a full narrative of the extent of Tibetan resistance in Driru and the ruthless tactics employed by security forces.