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15 August 2015 Young mother arrested after protest in Ngaba... 13 July 2015 Thousands of Tibetans protest the death of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche in Chinese custody...10 July 2015 Sonam Topgyal set himself on fire in protest in Yushu County... 27 May 2015 37-year-old Sangy Tso dies after carrying self immolation protest in Eastern Tibet ... 20 May 2015 Father-of-four, Tenzin Gyatso carries out self immolation protest in Eastern Tibet ... 28 April 2015 Tibetan nomads protest...16 April 2015 Nyi Kyab dies in self-immolation protest... 8 April 2015 Yeshi Khando carries out self-immolation protest...17 March 2015 Teenage monk arrested after solo protest

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August 2015

15 August 2015 Young mother arrested after protest in Ngaba

July 2015

13 July 2015 Thousands of Tibetans protest the death of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche in Chinese custody

10 July 2015 Sonam Topgyal set himself on fire in protest in Yushu County. Condition unknown

May 2015

27 May 2015 37-year-old Sangy Tso dies after carrying self immolation protest in Eastern Tibet

20 May 2015 Tenzin Gyatso, father-of-four, carries out self immolation protest in Tawu County, Eastern Tibet

April 2015

28 April 2015 Tibetan nomads protest

16 April 2015 Nyi Kyab dies in self-immolation protest

8 April 2015 Tibetan nun Yeshi Khando sets herself alight

March 2015

17 March 2015 Teenage monk arrested after solo protest.

10 March 2015 Tibetan youth shot by China's police

7 March 2015 Solo protest carried out by Gedon Phuntsok, in Ngaba, Amdo

6 March 2015 Tibetan woman, Norchuk, dies in self immolation protest in Ngaba, Amdo

February 2015

6 February 2015 17 year old, Pema Dorjee beaten and arrested after carrying out a solo protest.

December 2014

27 December 2014 Young Tibetan writer, Meu Sopa arrested in Ngaba County.

27 December 2014 A young Tibetan monk, Lobsang Trinley, carried out a solo protest in Ngaba County

24 December 2014 37 year-old monk, Kalsang Yeshi set himself alight in Dawu County, eastern Tibet

22 December 2014 20-year-old Tibetan woman, Tsepe Kyi dies after self immolation protest

November 2014

26 November 2014 22 year old, Sonam Yarphel arrested after carrying out a lone protest in Kardze

3 November 2014 Tibetans protest unfair compensation for their land

1 November 2014 Young Tibetans protest for language rights

October 2014

16 October 2014 Lone protester violently arrested

September 2014

17 September 2014 Student Lhamo Tashi dies in second self-immolation since April

16 Septemeber 2014 42 year old, Kunchok carries out a self immolation protest outside a police station in Amdo, Tibet.

August 2014

23 August 2014 64 year old Tibetan woman suffers brain hemorrhage after being beaten in Chinese custody in Kardze.

18 August 2014 3 more Tibetans die in Chinese custody in Kardze One of them Jinpa Tharchin whose pregnant wife committed suicide on the same day.

17 August 2014Lo Phelsang commits suicide in protest against the denial of medical treatment to fellow detainees suffering from gunshot wounds, sustained during the protest in Kardze. Another Tibetan, 22 years old, has died from his untreated injuries.

11 - 13 August 2014 China opens fire on Tibetan protesters in Kardze killing one its own by accident.

4 August 2014 Anti mining protests continue at 3 main sites, (Goshung Ruchen Menmar Norbuma village, Droglung Okar and Ahge Kyilung). They are all in Dompa Township, Nangchen County, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.

July 2014

9 July 2014 Solo protest in Serthar County

9 July 2014 A young Tibetan hangs himself in protest against China’s oppressive religious policy.

1 July 2014 Tibetan mining protesters violently beaten by Chinese police

June 2014

June 2014 According to reports, nearly thirty Tibetans were arrested after protesting against a marble mine in Chabcha county, north-east Tibet

May 2014

7 May 2014 Phakpa Gyaltsen fatal anti-mining protest

Rigzin carries out similar protest to Phakpa Gyaltsen

April 2014

26 April 2014 Dalai Lama and Tibetan flag protest by monk

15 April 2014 32-year-old Tinley Namgyal sets himself on fire in Dawu County.

8 April 2014 A solitary protest by a Tibetan man, showing devotion to Dalai Lama (video)

March 2014

29 March 2014 Self-immolation protest by a Tibetan nun

22 March Tibetans inside Tibet join global protests for release of imprisoned filmmaker

16 MarchMonk Choeyang Kalden arresed after allegedly writing anti-Chinese message and circulating via mobile phone

16 March Self-immolation protests by Lobsang Palden and Jigme Tenzin.

13 March Monk Gendun arrested after allegedly burning Chinese flag and writing pro-independence slogans on the door of the government officials stationed in his monastery

10 March Independence slogans written on rocks

February 2014

18 February Teenagers arrested for independence slogans

13 February Lobsang Dorjee self-immolation

5 FebruaryFirst self-immolation protest of 2014

2 February Monks arrested for independence posters
Four monks from Sog County (near Driru County) arrested for reportedly putting up banners calling for Tibetan freedom

January 2014

14 January Mass protest for release of respected monk
Hundreds of Tibetans march for release of Khenpo Kartse (see below) and were met by local officials who promised they would take action on his behalf. No action has yet been taken.

December 2013

18 December Activist monk arrested - community protests calling for release

4 December Chinese "atrocities" lead to self-immolation protest

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November 2013

26 November Protesters released as protests continue; allegations of torture

11 November Monk Tsering Gyal in self-immolation protest

3 November Arrests and protests continue in Driru county

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October 2013

16 October Tibetans in Driru continue to protest after China attempts to make them fly China flag on their homes.

8 October Tibetans shot and beaten in protest

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September 2013

29 September Self-immolation protest in Ngaba county

18 September Four year sentence for pulling down Chinese flag

11 September Elderly man beaten for protesting

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August 2013

23 August 20 year-old imprisoned for tearing Chinese flag and shouting independence slogans

14 August Teenager and 63-year-old among those arrested for helping protestors

13 August Tibetans protest Chinese mine

8 August Another singer jailed

1 August Political prisoner anniversary

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July 2013

20 July 18-year-old dies after setting himself alight

4 July Monk arrested for protest at Communist celebration

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June 2013

18 June Teenager jailed after peaceful protest

17 June Nun who self-immolated confirmed dead

14 June Protest songs land Tibetan musicians in jail

11 June Tibetan Nun survives a self-immolation protest

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May 2013

27 May Tibetan nomad dies after self-immolation protest

24 May Thousands protest mining at sacred site

12 May Beaten and detained for protecting land
200 members of the security forces arrived in 20 trucks to disperse a group of Tibetans who had gathered to protect land in Luchu county. The land had been brought by a lama a few years previously but the authorities argued that private households do not have right to purchase national land and would take it back by force. Many Tibetans were beaten, with one woman losing consciousness, and fifteen were detained.

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April 2013

24 April Two die in prayer hall protest

16 April 20 year old mother self immolates

15 April Tibetans protest unemployment

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March 2013

25 March Forest guard builds a fire and sets himself alight

24 March Mother-of-four sets herself alight in Tibet

19 March Communications clampdown

18 March Man arrested after wife's fatal protest

17 March Monk dies in protest on anniversary of fatal shootings

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February 2013

26 February Protests intensify as third man sets himself alight

25 February Man sets himself alight at prayer festival

23 February More Zilkar monks sentenced – charges unknown
Lobsang Jinpa (one of the five monks arrested during the surprise raid on 1 September) has been rearrested and sentenced to five years for writing song lyrics for Lolo. His whereabouts are also unknown. Jinpa, along with another monk Kalseng Trultrim, were hospitalised after being tortured in prison during their first detention. The latter is still recovering. Two of the other monks have been given two years imprisonment. The fifth monk was released after one month due to a leg injury.

20 February Tibetan youths set fire to themselves

17 February Cross-legged in flames: another protest in Tibet

14 February 100th Tibetan self-immolates

13 February Tibetan protest in Nepal

10 February Beaten for not flying the Chinese flag
A group of Tibetans from Meyal township have been brutally beaten for refusing to fly the Chinese national flag from their homes. Two suffered from broken bones and six have been detained.

7 February Mass arrests, propaganda and show trials over protests

5 February Teenager died before he could set himself alight

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January 2013

31 January Monks receive heavy sentences for “inciting” self-immolations

23 January Tense stand-off between community and authorities after fatal protest in Tibet

22 January China’s ‘deep grief’ over Tibetan self-immolations

18 January Tibet's second self-immolation of 2013 shows repressive measures are not deterring protests

12 January Tibetan dies as protests continue into 2013

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December 2012

20 December 2012: A year of unprecedented protests

14 December Monks detained for sharing information

10 December 16-year-old is the fourth child to die in self-immolation protest

8 December Two young men die in protest against China's occupation of Tibet

4 December Monk dies as self-immolation protests go on

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November 2012

30 November People across Tibet hold two-day fast in support of protest

29 November: Teenager dies after setting himself on fire

Last message of teenage nun

Prayers of solidarity for protestor

28 November Father of three dies

26 November More than 20 Tibetan students hospitalised

Three more self-immolate in Eastern Tibet

23 November More protests in Tibet

20 November A father of three dies at the scene of his protest

“I am setting fire to myself to protest against the Chinese government”

17 November Thousands gather after mother's protest

16 November Tibetans defy China's new regime

12 November Escalation of Tibetan protests continues

9 November Massive gathering of Tibetan students

8 November China mobilises paramilitary to suppress Tibetan protest

7 November 15-year-old boy dies in first triple self-immolation

Tibetan mother sets fire to herself

4 November Latest protest brings thousands to the streets

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October 2012

27 October Cousins call for freedom as they set themselves on fire

26 October Fourth Tibetan in a week sets fire to himself

Cash rewards for informants

23 October: Tensions rise in Labrang; another self-immolation

22 October Tibetan sets fire to himself in Labrang

20 October Another Tibetan sets himself on fire

13 October 52-year-old Tibetan dies for freedom

10 October Tibetans defy police threats

6 October Tibetan father dies in protest

5 October Four Tibetans handed long prison sentences

2 October Protesting monk dies

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September 2012

13 September Teenage protester gets three years in prison

1 September Zilkar Monastery Crackdown
A large number of security personnel encircled and raided Zilkar monastery at approximately 10am (local time). Five monks were arbitrarily arrested; those who tried to prevent this were beaten. Laptops and CD’s were also confiscated. It is not known where the monks are being held.

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August 2012

28 August Number of self-immolation protests breaks 50 mark

24 August Seven year sentence for sharing protest information

15 August Another week of protests in Tibet

10 August Military deployed as nomad sets himself on fire

8 August Monks detained after mother's protest

7 August Two more self-immolate in Tibet

2 August Tibet protester dies

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July 2012

20 July Disappearances in Tibet

19 July UPDATE: Tibetans win stand-off with Chinese military

17 July Tibetans continue to set themselves on fire

12 July Mass detentions reveal China's fears

07 July Young Tibetan man self-immolates; many arbitrarily detained

6 July Tibetan monk dies in Chinese detention

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June 2012

29 June Teenage girl severely beaten

27 June Tibetan mother self-immolates during a land rights protest

25 June Harassment of family of elderly Tibetan who set himself on fire

20 June Two Tibetan men self-immolate

15 June Nomad sets himself on fire

12 June Lhasa detentions

6 June Tibetan envoys resign

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May 2012

30 May Mother of three sets herself on fire and dies

28 May Tibet Spring reaches capital Lhasa

14 May Personal testimonies behind self-immolations

10 May Fear of Chinese prison drives Tibetan to suicide

9 May Videos smuggled out of Tibet

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April 2012

19 April Two cousins self-immolate

5 April Torture, beatings and detention for Tibetan prisoners

3 April Nobel Laureates call on China to hear the Tibetan people

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March 2012

Zilkar monks sentenced
One of the monks arrested on 16 February is released. The other three (Sonam Gewa, Lobsang Nyima and Lobsang Samten) have been given prison sentences of up to two years. It is not known what they were charged for. The rest of the monks from Zilkar are not allowed to leave the monastery and are being subjected to patriotic re-education programmes.

30 March Two young monks self-immolate

29 March Young monk latest Tibetan to self-immolate

23 March Shocking footage of father of three on fire

19 March More than 100 monks protest in Gansu Province

18 March Monk dies after setting fire to himself

17 March Self-immolation and huge protest in Rongwo Town

Monk raises his fist for freedom

14 March Self-immolation sparks large protest in Rebkong County

12 March Tibetan anniversary marked with teen self-immolation

8 March New Chinese textbooks spark student protest

5 March Third self-immolation in as many days

4 March Mother-of-four dies

3 March Tibetan schoolgirl dies

2 March Tibetans forced to celebrate Losar

Comedian detained

1 March Tibetan writer blocked from receiving award

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February 2012

19 February 18 year old is latest Tibetan to set himself on fire

17 February Monastery official self-immolates

16 February Four monks from Zilkar monastery are arrested.
This was in relation to the protest held on 8 February.

13 February Teenager self-immolates as protest continue

11 February Chinese official says get ready for “war” in Tibet

Teenage Tibetan girl self-immolates

9 February Self-immolation and protests spread to new Tibetan prefecture

Tibetans shot following protest in Drango

Teenage former monk self-immolates

8 February Global vigils for Tibet - blog

300 monks from Zilkar Monastery take part in peaceful protest
They marched towards Zathod township calling for the return of the Dalai Lama, respect for Tibetan intellectuals and the immediate release of the Panchen Lama. This was prompted by hearing radio broadcasts about the global vigils. They were stopped by police on two occasions but no arrests were made.

6 February Images emerge of funeral for shooting victim

4 February Three more self-immolate in Tibet

Four young monks protest outside Zathod Township Police Office.
They were arrested and their current whereabouts and wellbeing is unknown.

2 February Photo of the first Tibetan nun to self-immolate

Photos emerge of Chinese force in Tibet

1 February Shooting injuries photos

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January 2012

27 January: China tightens security in Lhasa

Chinese forces shoot another dead

“Armed personnel are everywhere”

25 January: Faces of arrested Tibetans

24 January: Two shot dead by Chinese

23 January: Tibetan killed as Chinese fire upon protest

Ngaba protests updates

14 January: Self-immolation triggers brutal crackdown

9 January: Self-immolations spread to new province

6 January: First self-immolations of 2012

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December 2011

16 December: Recent attacks on Tibetans

12 December: Tibetan protests grow

Video footage of crackdown in Tibet

1 December 2011: Guri Jigme detained

November 2011

21 November: Huge media reaction to Tibet protests

3 November: Second nun dies after setting fire to herself

October 2011

26 October: Bomb explosion reported in Tibet

25 October: Self-immolation spreads to different area of Tibet

17 October: Two Tibetans shot and nun dies after self-immolation

15 October: Photograph of Tibetan monk following self-immolation

7 October: Two teenagers set themselves on fire

3 October: Fifth monk self-immolation

September 2011

26 September: Two more Tibetan monks set themselves alight

August 2011

30 August Monks sentenced for ‘intentional homicide’

15 August: Monk dies after setting himself on fire

July 2011

6 July Tibetans defy ban to celebrate birthday of the Dalai Lama

5 July Communist Party celebrations boycotted in Nangchen

June 2011

30 June Multiple protests in Kardze

15 June Camera crews arrive at Kirti monastery to film religious ceremony
Monks boycotted the event saying the government had staged it for propaganda purposes.

May 2011

17 May Torture and abuse in prison
Two women detained on 21 April whilst trying to stop removal of Kirti monks have been released. Monks reported: “Their heads had been shaved, and they were beaten and abused so badly in detention that they are unable to look after themselves."

April 2011

21 April: More than 300 monks forcibly removed – two Tibetans dead

Tension in Ngaba county escalates

13 April: Ngaba escalation

March 2011

17 March: Monk dies after self-immolation

16 March: Over a thousand ‘stand guard’ after self-immolation

Monk self-immolates on protest anniversary

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