About Free Tibet

Formed in 1987 Free Tibet is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation.

We campaign for Tibetan self-determination, human rights in Tibet and an end to Chinese occupation.

We are independent of all governments (including the Central Tibetan Administration) and funded almost entirely by our members and supporters from all over the world.

Information and campaigning

Free Tibet is at the forefront of breaking news from inside Tibet. We are a trusted and accurate source of information for global media. We are regularly cited and quoted in Tibet-related news.

In addition, our team of staff and volunteers run a number of campaigns:

We have thousands of supporters who interact with us in many ways such as:

Our supporters

Everyone who signs up for membership, receives regular updates on the situation inside Tibet, campaign actions and special offers.

Our volunteers, supporters and members are the people who make our work possible. Together we tell the world about Tibet, generate support for its cause and strive for its freedom.

Free Tibet structure and staff

Eleanor Headshot2 compress.jpgOur executive committee determines general policy which guides our campaign work.

Our director, Eleanor Byrne-Rosengren (right) heads up a staff of (around) 10 people who are based in our London office.

Contact details for Free Tibet London office

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